Harvest LLC is a hedge fund, registered as a limited liability company in the Isle of Man. The Fund follows a conservative strategy, trading primarily covered options hedged with protective options. This strategy offers significant potential returns with limited risk.

The Fund is managed by Harvest Management Company Limited which is responsible for all investment and management decisions.

The minimum investment is $50,000, with an initial lock-up period of one year, after which quarterly redemptions may be made.

Fixed quarterly redemptions are allowed. The maximum quarterly redemption is 3% of an Investor's capital contribution.

The management fee is 2% of assets per annum, paid quarterly.

The incentive fee is 20% of profits, paid quarterly.

Prospective members are required to meet certain suitability standards for this investment as well as anti-money laundering regulations. The Subscription Agreement, which includes all necessary disclosures, will need to be completed by each investor. The Fund reserves the right to reject any subscription.

If you believe that an investment in Harvest LLC may be a suitable investment for you and would like to review the complete Subscription Package, please request a subscription package.

Included in the Subscription Package are three documents and the related attachments:

  1. The Confidential Private Offering Memorandum.
  2. The Operating Agreement.
  3. The Subscription Documents.